Silicone Reusable Suction Lids Pack of 6 - top Quality for Cookware Tupperware


The Secret of Keeping Your Food Moist & Delicious.We often found our food dry-out and not taste the same not long after cooking. After we reheat the food in the...


The Secret of Keeping Your Food Moist & Delicious.

We often found our food dry-out and not taste the same not long after cooking. After we reheat the food in the microwave, in the oven or on the stove, the food does not taste the same. We also see the uncovered food in the refrigerator dry-out from the dry air.

Elate Kitchen Silicone Suction Lids are air-tight BPA-free cooking covers with Heat-Proof up to 450F. They help you stop your food drying out, and embrace the food moist and keep the flavor locked in during and after cooking.

Each of the Silicone lids features a carrying handle. It is easier to use than using plastic wrap. Simply place the lid on your pot, pan or any types of containers, press down to create a perfect airtight seal to keep the food fresh.

With the heatproof up to 450F, Elate Kitchen Lids can be used in the microwave, in the oven, and on the stove. Also, they can be used in the refrigerator as the plastic wrap to keep away from the dry air.

Elate lids come with set of 6 in various sizes (14"/12"/10"/8"/6"/4"). They are suitable for use on all smooth surfaces, including plastic, glass, stainless steel, melamine, and ceramic. They fit various sizes of Cup, Bowl, Pot, Mug, Plate and Container.

Best of all, Elate food covers are reusable and easy to clean. Simply wipe or rinse it off, or throw it in the dishwasher. With 6 reusable lids, no more plastic wrap needed to cover your leftover food. The handles fit inside each other. You can easily stack the lids, and store them in your kitchen drawer to make your kitchen clutter-free.

Lid Sizes:

  • 14 inches x 1
  • 12 inches x 1
  • 10 inches x 1
  • 8 inches x 1
  • 6 inches x 1
  • 4 inches x 1

Product Care:

  • Do not carry by the handle when the lid is on a container.
  • Do not use directly over a frame.
  • Do not wash with abrasive products.
  • Do not sharp cutting utensils on the lids

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