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Portable Diamond Tester Selector Illuminated Jewelry Gemstone Testing Tool Kit
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Discover the brilliance of precision with our Portable Diamond Tester Selector Illuminated Jewelry Gemstone Testing Tool Kit. Say goodbye to uncertainty when it comes to identifying the authenticity of your precious stones. Unveil the secrets hidden within your jewelry collection effortlessly. This professional-grade tool is designed to solve the timeless problem of distinguishing genuine diamonds from their simulated counterparts. Elevate your gemstone evaluation experience and make informed decisions with confidence.


Portable Diamond Tester Features:


  • This product is perfect for jewelry enthusiasts, gemstone collectors, professionals in the jewelry industry, and anyone seeking to ensure the authenticity of diamonds and other precious stones.
  • Our Diamond Tester is a portable electronic device equipped with advanced technology for accurate diamond testing. It comes with a convenient carrying case for on-the-go gemstone verification.
  • This product is ideal for use in jewelry stores, pawnshops, gemstone shows, and personal collections. Its portability ensures that you can perform tests anytime, anywhere.
  • Use this product whenever you encounter a diamond or gemstone that needs verification. Whether you're purchasing, selling, or admiring jewelry, our tester provides quick and reliable results.
  • Simply place the Diamond Tester on the surface of the stone and observe the display. If the stone is a real diamond, a light indicator will illuminate. If it's a fake, no display will appear. The large/small switch allows testing for diamonds of varying sizes, and the metal alert prevents accidental readings from hitting metal components.


  •    Color: Black
  •     Material: ABS + Metal
  •     Type: Diamond Tester
  •     Dimensions: 6.3" x 1.6" x0.9"
  •     Power: 9V Battery (Not Included)

Package Includes:

  • Diamond Tester Pen
  • Leather Bag
  • Small Testing Tray
  • User Manual


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